Vegan Sausages hmmm, not sure.

Made with wheat gluten (seitan), tapioca flour and loads of spices. The seitan makes it quite chewy but we’ll see what it’s like sliced and fried. More sourdough tomorrow!

Vegan Sausages

Update: I cooked a pasta bake using slices of the sausage and vegan moxxarella and it was Great!  The slight over spiced flavour and chewy texture changed completely and it was like having an italian sausage pasta bake, but probably better!

Tiger Nuts

Must have been small tigers! Ahh, the joys of a vegan household. My son has decided to try it recently so we are all joining in. Honestly, it’s not been that difficult. I have lost weight and we all feel better..

The tiger nuts are because he developed a taste for horchata in Spain, which is the milk made from these. I make my own tofu too, never thought I would say that 😂

Vegtrug Mesh Cover


Sort of unreasonably excited!  I can grow Rocket, Broad Beans, and cabbagy stuff without fear of blackfly, greenfly and cabbage whites:-)