Oven spring 

In the absence of steam, the best way to get maximum oven spring, in my opinion, is a cast iron Dutch oven. It holds in the steam and gives the dough time to rise while still soft.

Here is one of mine after 30 minutes with the lid on.

First planting

I think it’s a good idea to get a few bought in seedlings planted.  Lollo Rosso and little gem lettuce and a few carrots.  We are almost (just about) out of danger from frosts but not quite warm enough for reliable germination.

We have a couple of small greenhouses I can sow seeds in which will be ready about mid May.   I don’t expect too much from the carrots, you have to be a little rough to seperate the roots so they may not grow well, they can be sown when the temperature rises a bit.


Baking Day

I haven’t been able to do any baking for a couple of weeks.  My daughter had to buy a sliced loaf from the supermarket.  Oh, the shame!  It’s all OK now though 🙂


Nice crumb as well! This is from the Tartine recipe with a little modification for European flour.



This is some of the crop from last year.  I had great success with tomatoes, chillies and some herbs.


This year we have bought a Vegtrug and I hope we can produce a lot more salad, carrots and greens.


Real Bread

Over the last couple of years an occasional hobby has turned into quite a big obsession!

I used to bake the occasional sandwich loaf or tray of rolls but I gradually got into sourdough.  It took a while to get going but after reading a lot of books, following people on Instagram etc, things are now going very well.  All the family, including the dogs love sourdough.

I now have a larger Swedish mixer, an Ankarsrum Assistent, that means I can now knead a lot more dough.  Piccies below.

Yeasted white crusty rollsDSC_0035

Country Blonde sourdoughDSC_0085


Assistent Mixer


New Family Members

This year we have adopted two “re-homed” dogs.  Max and Sandy.  They are 10 years and 8 years old respectively.

They are very loving, very well trained and settling down now to a new life.

We did miss our previous dog who passed away and I am really glad that we re-homed rather than bought.  Something I think more people should do.  They didn’t ask for their life to take a drastic downturn and we are pleased to give them a new forever home.


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