This is some of the crop from last year.  I had great success with tomatoes, chillies and some herbs.


This year we have bought a Vegtrug and I hope we can produce a lot more salad, carrots and greens.


Real Bread

Over the last couple of years an occasional hobby has turned into quite a big obsession!

I used to bake the occasional sandwich loaf or tray of rolls but I gradually got into sourdough.  It took a while to get going but after reading a lot of books, following people on Instagram etc, things are now going very well.  All the family, including the dogs love sourdough.

I now have a larger Swedish mixer, an Ankarsrum Assistent, that means I can now knead a lot more dough.  Piccies below.

Yeasted white crusty rollsDSC_0035

Country Blonde sourdoughDSC_0085


Assistent Mixer


New Family Members

This year we have adopted two “re-homed” dogs.  Max and Sandy.  They are 10 years and 8 years old respectively.

They are very loving, very well trained and settling down now to a new life.

We did miss our previous dog who passed away and I am really glad that we re-homed rather than bought.  Something I think more people should do.  They didn’t ask for their life to take a drastic downturn and we are pleased to give them a new forever home.


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